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SAT Prep Class

If you're ready to take the PSAT or SAT, don't go in unprepared. Let Turbo Tutoring tell you about everything you need to know about SAT prep. Our SAT Prep seminars in Northern Virginia are designed to give you all of the necessary information in an accelerated fashion, perfect for the fast-paced and competitive world we live in. Turbo Tutoring has presented its SAT Prep seminars in Chantilly, Centreville, South Riding, Ashburn, Brambleton, Leesburg, and Hampton, Virginia. Contact us to come to schedule SAT Prep Classes at a school near you!

SAT Prep Class Virginia

What Your Mom Doesn't Tell You About SAT Classes

SAT Prep Classes

Turbo Tutoring is an accelerated SAT test prep course. Turbo Tutoring has taken weeks of instruction and condensed the delivery of the SAT Prep Class information into one intensive session. This SAT Prep Class is a complete course containing all aspects of the SAT test process. The essential strategy is designed to deliver a better result for your student after taking the SAT test. Being prepared for a timed test is critical for achieving personal score goals. The SAT prep course by Turbo Tutoring is structured to teach you all the essentials and deliver the material in an accelerated fashion, so that in one single session you will be better prepared to take your SAT, PSAT, or ACT and achieve better results.
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SAT News & Announcements

  • Standing Up to a Trend
    With the recent announcement that the College Board is revising the SAT, there has been a lot of talk about standardized tests and test prep.  Because of the...
  • The Word is Spreading
    This Saturday saw us working with kids from SIXTEEN high schools.  When Dan and I looked, we realized that in just one year we worked with students from...
  • It’s a Wrap!
    It’s official!  Turbo Tutoring has wrapped up its first official year of business.  We helped hundreds of kids, gave out thousands of dollars in scholarships and aid to...
SAT Prep Seminars
  • August 24th – Turbo Tutoring SAT Prep Seminar
    6:30 pm, SAT Prep Seminar
  • September 7th – Turbo Tutoring ACT Prep Seminar
    6:30 pm, ACT prep seminar
  • September 24th – Turbo Tutoring SAT Prep Seminar
    9:30 am, SAT Prep Seminar