SAT Test Resources

SAT Prep Virginia The College Board’s Homepage

Be sure to visit when trying to sign up for the SAT.  You can find out when and where the test is offered in your area.  You can also take a full length practice test and do tons of official practice questions.  In addition, can help you with college planning and provide you with all kinds of other useful information.  Such a great site.  Bookmark it on your computer!

The SAT Ninja

This is a great website with all kinds of helpful tips for tackling the SAT.  What we like about our ninja friend is that he approaches the SAT like a test-writer, not just a teacher.  He looks at the test and notices things about the construction of the questions and the style of the answers that the average person wouldn’t see.  Preparing for a test is not just about studying content.  You MUST study the test itself and that’s what the SAT Ninja does as well as anyone we’ve seen.  For some great insight into the experience, check out his site at  It appears to have not been updated in a while but the information is still very good.

The Critical Reader

This is an excellent site with TONS of help for the English portion of the SAT.  There are practice questions, links to SAT tests, and even advice regarding tutoring options.  Overall, it’s a fabulous resource.


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