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The College Board will be unveiling a new SAT in 2024.  Students will now get to take the test in a digital platform for the first time. The design and content of the SAT will be significantly different as well.  Turbo Tutoring has been using all of the CB’s released materials to design an all new prep seminar that we will launch in February.  Loaded with strategies and samples, our new approach will help get you ready for the SAT in the same energetic and informative way that has earned us praise and accolades for years.  And for the first time, students who attend our classes will receive a copy of the College Board’s Official Digital SAT Study Guide, a great source of authentic prep and practice.  We’re very excited for this new challenge and look forward to helping you conquer the new SAT.

COMING SOON: AP World History Prep!  Stay tuned.

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“After attending your seminar, my score went up 220 points! Thank you so much for your help and for sharing your knowledge.” Michael M.

“Thanks so much for helping our son improve his SAT scores. You made him feel confident and successful! He was very complimentary of your class and the impact that it had on his scores, and he was thrilled with his increase. He especially appreciated the brevity of Turbo Tutoring over the long and drawn-out alternatives that were also available to us. Best wishes to you as you continue to impact countless kids on their life journeys.” Mary P.

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